You have stumbled upon my little world, little explorer.

I have made this place so that I can go here and escape reality whenever I want. I will be posting my fantasies here and you, little explorer, have the freedom to witness them. But this I tell you, since I will have to post my works here and only here, you, who will have to read them whenever you want, are not allowed to do anything inappropriate against the law except to read them, and voice out your say maybe.

Do have respect for me and beings like me. We took time racking our brains and expanding our minds for our works, may be it small or big. And we feel joy if we could share it to others, and much more if they show appreciation.

Anyway, have fun! Smell the flowers, watch the river flow, bury your feet beneath the leaves, look up to the towering trees, close your eyes as you take in nature’s breath.

Leanne is an aspiring writer who wishes to publish her own book someday, build her own castle, and to visit all historical places in the world. She writes free verse poems and prose that describes her longing for the imaginary place, Elise.